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These are the best leashes you'll ever find!
Xtreme™ Leashes are the most innovative and animal-friendly leashes ever made. Our leashes give you an increased level of comfort, control and safety when walking or training your pet. Xtreme™ Leashes have a comfortable, padded handle that cannot collapse on your hand or get wrapped around your wrist.  All leashes come with high-quality fasteners and reflective strips for your pet's night-time safety. We haves a wide range of colors and options to choose from.

Shock absorbent leash saves you and your dog!

What makes the Xtreme™ Leash unique is the high quality internal shock absorbent cord, allowing the leash to stretch approximately 10" before it becomes fully extended. This special cord makes the leash easier to handle and less likely to cause injury to you or your dog than a conventional "fixed length" leash.

When your dog reaches the end of a conventional leash, you and your dog will feel a sudden jerk. This "jerking" causes excessive pressure on the dog’s windpipe and spine. You will also feel this in your shoulders and arms. With our stretchable Xtreme™ leash, your dog will feel the increased resistance as he stretches his distance; the leash will send signals that it will be fully extended shortly. With our Xtreme™ leash, your dog will be trained quickly – he/she will know exactly when it is time to "back off" before the leash is fully extended. Your dog will instinctively know how far they can go without the "tugging and pulling", eliminating any discomfort for them and definitely will eliminate the "sudden jerking" you feel with "normal" leashes. This makes our Xtreme™ leash more comfortable for you and much healthier for your dog!

Comfort Grip Handle saves your wrist! Standard Security Clips

All Xtreme™ Leashes have a comfortable, padded handle that cannot collapse on your hand or get wrapped around your wrist. Our Comfort Grip Handle works together with our Shock Absorbent Leashes to give you and your pet the ultimate in pain-free daily walks!

Xtreme™ Comfort Harness!

This is Gracie and her master Alania with her new Xtreme™ Comfort Harness and Standard Leash Jr Bungee. Great combo for small dogs under 20 lbs.

Search Dogs use Xtreme™ Leashes!

Search Dogs use Xtreme Sport Leashes!
San Bernardino Sheriff's Department Search
Dog Team uses Xtreme™ Dog Leashes!


New product: Super Coupler

This leash will make walking two or more dogs at once so much easier for you and your dogs. The built-in swivel means you and your dogs won't get tangled in each other.

Not Just for Dogs

"Here's a picture of Enzo, the Flemish Giant rabbit in his Xtreme™ Comfort Harness and Standard Leash Jr Bungee - works wonderful. We bought it last Sunday at the Seattle dog show- and sure enjoy it. Thanks, Judy"

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